9/11: May We Remember

As we pass another anniversary for September 11th 2001, let us not forget what we have lost. Remember the people who were pointlessly killed and the people who died trying to help those who were hurt or trapped. And let us remember those who helped and supported the survivors of this tragedy.

I think it is also important to remember the other things we lost that day in 2001. The naivety, the peace, the security and certain aspects of our freedom were also destroyed that day with an American icon of growth and prosperity.

Once upon a time I worked in a catalogue photography studio at the corner of 5th Avenue and Broadway. Manhattan was my second home, the place where I earned a ridiculous amount of money for my age at the time. I miss the city. But I can never return.

Our country has suffered so much more from that incident. It has eaten away at the very core beliefs of our leaders. It has changed us. In many ways you can say the terrorists succeeded. They have altered the natural course of things here. But there is one thing they will never change; our sovereignty, our freedom to govern and worship as we wish. We will not be forced into any belief system or lifestyle.

I call to all Americans to unite, love, befriend, and celebrate your fellow Americans. Do not fight among ourselves. Do no harm to your fellow American citizen and by all means do positive things for all of America. Now more than ever, no matter your heritage, if you are an American citizen, be proud and be righteous. Be an American citizen who is responsible, helpful, courteous and loving to other Americans.

Unity is strength.


Thanks for reading!

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