Go Pro Hero 3 Arizona Off Road Desert Dirt Bike Ride: Apache Junction

Here’s a short experimental Go Pro video where I was playing around with the camera without any mounts or stands. I don’t generally wear a helmet because I trail ride and I am not going very fast where I never exceed my limitations. I like to stay in total control of the bike at all times. Of course I could have an “accident” but I am trained to land on all fours…… LOL. Knees and elbows with a back tumble if necessary. But seriously I have been riding again for about 3 years and I dropped the bike once going slowly up a hill. So don’t have a cow that I’m not wearing a helmet. I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s when we were a bit more cavalier than most people today. Also I am a very experienced rider and I know how NOT to fall or have an accident. The worst thing that has happened so far was I got a cactus rammed into my foot through my boot. I do need heavier riding boot and we’ll get those this year for sure. So these shots were taken out in Apache Junction, Arizona. In the background you can see the Superstition Mountains or Lost Dutchman Mountains and you may even get a glimpse of Goldfield Ghost Town. On this day I was alone but most of the time I go out with my brothers. This is a great video to watch if you’re looking into buying any Go Pro camera if you want to see the wide angle shot and image quality.

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