Catspit Productions Screenprinting Discount Promo Codes: Do NOT Exist

So the auto focus decided not to acknowledge the automatic face recognition on the Sony Handy Cam and we have some slight focus snafus in this video. But this was done from my heart so I did not reshoot. The focus problems are not bad but I apologize. I did not notice this until it was far too late. I’d be so frustrated if this were an actual printing video….LOL 😉

I’ve been making screen printing videos since 2009 now and producing all sorts of how to screen print information and resources for people to learn from and enjoy. As a result the business name Catspit Productions, especially Catspit, has become a keyword for screenprinting. Therefore you will find people still posting Catspit promo codes, whether or not they were ever real in the first place, in order to get you to their ecommerce site. Even the promo codes that I actually used in the past still show up as active and may even work on somebodies website. So here’s the thing. There are absolutely NO promo codes for Catspit Productions that should work or should be being posted anywhere. People who are posting Catspit promo codes or directing Google searches for them to their websites are fraudulent and I get nothing out of any transaction that may occur. Here are some tips to help you avoid the people trying to ride on my coat tails.

1) There are NO promo codes for any websites related to Catspit Productions.
2) I am not sponsored or related to any other screen printing suppliers in any way nor do I work for anyone but myself.
3) I am an AUTHORIZED DEALER for RANAR. I DO NOT work for them and if you buy equipment direct from them as a result of watching my videos, I get nothing from that transaction.
4) The only way to do business with me is to do business with me direct. You must be buying from Catspit Productions in order for me to earn anything from the sales.
5) People online will use the keyword “Catspit” on or hidden in their websites to get you to visit their site when looking for my content. Check the list below for the websites I actually host and run. Any website with a URL something like this, screenprintinglearning DOT com/catspit/ is not related to me in any way and should be reported to me.
6) I do not work with Ryonet in any way, shape, or form. I do NOT sell their products NOR do I endorse them.
7) I repeat there are NO promo codes in effect for ANY supplier online. All Catspit promo codes are inactive, fake or fraudulent.

Remember; there’s only one Catspit Productions and if you want to support me then contact me directly to make your purchase or use any of the authorized websites listed below.

If you find a Catspit Promo code that works and you have a receipt showing this, please contact me and I will reward you for sending me the document with details of the purchase and promo code use.

These Catspit websites are legit. Any others are not:!/How2screenprint
Screen Printing Equipment:

See what screen printing supplies we have ready in Phoenix for pick up:

Catspit Productions, LLC
Phoenix storefront now open!

Learn how to screen print tee shirts with Catspit Productions, LLC!

Screen Printing Supplies and Equipment Sales: Setting new standards in old fashioned customer service. Catspit. Ranar. Seriously simple. TM

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