Screenprinting T-Shirts: New Ranar LED Exposure Unit Teaser

Hey so I have the first ISS show video from the Ranar booth uploaded to YouTube. This is a short teaser style video for the new LED exposure unit. As we finalize the details and make some images for use on the web I will begin selling this unit on the website. I am very excited to announce this product and have an opportunity to do video on the very first production model. Stay tuned for more great news and all the latest additions to our product line up!

This is an educational screenprinting video about the new high UV output LED exposure unit from Ranar. This unit is still a work in progress and will have some upgrade options. It will be available as an LED version of our standard XPO series exposure units but it will also have some high tech upgrade options available for the screen printer who wants some luxuries. First the unit will have a vacuum pump upgrade so instead of the blower type motor it will have an actual quiet vacuum pump. Also the digital timer will be upgradable to a full LCD panel with touch controls. Stay tuned as we feature this unit on our ecommerce site and in new screenprinting videos to come. Check out all the latest Ranar exposure units for purchase from Catspit Productions, LLC!

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