Learn How To Screen Print: Photopolymer vs Dual Cure Emulsions

Okay here’s a screenprinting video about direct liquid emulsions I probably should have made a long time ago. I know we have discussed this topic and most likely have talked about what I do in this video in the past. But I wanted to make a video that was easy to access so this particular information could stand alone and help people make decisions on which emulsion to use for their particular set up.

On another note I may have some very excellent news to announce in the next few days. Remember that thing I’ve been trying to do for the past 6 months? AND…. I am leaving for ISS Long Beach tomorrow morning. So I will be busy and maybe quiet for the next few days as I try to make some new show videos for you this time around.

Enjoy the video! It’s only as long as it needed to be for me to convey the information…. LOL 😉

This is an educational screenprinting video about the differences between dual cure and photopolymer emulsions. Here we will discuss the basic and most general characteristics of each emulsion and compare them to one another. Do you know which emulsion is ready to use out of the bucket? Which emulsion has a longer shelf life? Is there an emulsion that is easier to work with when you have a home brew screen printing set up? All of these questions and more are answered in this tutorial screenprinting video. This video is an excellent summary review of direct liquid emulsions for screen printing textiles and other substrates. If you’re in the market for a new emulsion then check out this video before you buy. It will certainly clear up a few things about photo emulsions for screen printing.

Emulsions featured in our videos:


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