Screenprinting Artwork In AI: Reversing Line Art For White On Black

Okay so I was trying to have this video ready for this morning. But Mondays are crazy and I was very busy. Because of the upcoming Christmas Holiday I decided to upload anyway to stay on schedule. This video is supposed to explain the difference between reversing artwork from white ink on black tee shirts as opposed to not. I already confused 1 person so we may have to do a follow up with some printing to elaborate. But if you need to print line art in white in on dark tee shirts then you’ll want to watch this video.

In this educational screenprinting video we discuss a very basic topic that most screen printers over look. That’s right, even the most experienced screen printers can be guilty of not reversing line art when we print white ink on black tee shirts. Screen printing is a magical process in that we start with a positive and create a negative with the emulsion on the screen. When we print that negative with dark ink on lighter colored shirts everything looks pretty normal. But what happens when we print a positive image in white ink through this reversal process? The negative screen actually wants to print a positive but since we are laying white ink on a black shirt it can often look like a negative print. How do you prevent that? What can be done to make the print look like a positive? How can we use the black of the shirt to create the positive line art? This video attempts to answer those questions. It’s a simple concept but it can be a little confusing in all the negative to positive talk but I think this video should help.

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