How To Screen Print: Caring for High Mesh Counts & Small Tears

Okay so I had a few customers lately ask about mesh and getting tears or punctures in their higher mesh count screens. Of course any screen can get a tear but high mesh counts are more fragile and more susceptible to damage. So in this video I give you some simple tips for caring for mesh and even patching small holes or slight tears. This video ended up being a little longer than I hoped but if you want to learn all the gritty details from a real screen printer then it will be worth your while. I hope you all enjoy.

Learn how to screen print tee shirts. In this educational screenprinting video we discuss some basic tips for caring for your higher mesh counts. These tips could apply to all mesh counts however but higher mesh counts are the most delicate and fragile. So how do you prevent tears, punctures and runs? It’s actually very simple. There are a few things you can do to prevent damage to screen mesh especially higher mesh counts. Learn all about caring for your screenprinting screens and even how to fix minor holes. That’s right! In this video I also show you how to patch small punctures and tears with duct tape or Gorilla tape. In some instances we can actually cover a tear with duct tape and keep the holes from getting bigger thus allowing us to continue to use the screen. So if you have ever torn screen mesh and wondered if you could repair it then this video is a must see. It will also help you learn ways to keep tears from happening in the first place.

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