How To Screen Print: Converting Full Color Vector Art To Halftones

Alright so this is a late upload because I got a hot lead on a decent storefront space to rent. I was busy trying to fill out applications and get information about the space so we could see it immediately and perhaps put an offer in. I’ll find out tomorrow morning 😉 In the meantime we have another educational screenprinting video as promised. This is about a quick and easy way to convert full color vector art into halftones so you can screen print the design as a 1 color with gradients. You can do this with any color vector art and it’s actually a very simple process. You will need vector software and RIP software however to make it easy. I have 2 requested videos on deck for filming so please stay tuned…

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I had to do a rush order print job for an old customer of mine last week. I don’t print commercially anymore since I am a supplier for the industry but now and then a customer from the past calls me and needs a fix. I can’t say nor although I do let them know I am no longer printing commercially. So I had to convert a 3 color spot color print into a 1 color halftone for some royal blue sleeved baseball jerseys. This video shows you a very quick way to convert full color vector graphics into a grayscale so you can very easily print out halftone film positives. This is a brief summary and only brushes on the surface of this method as I’m sure there are many ways of doing it. But this one should be relatively painless and easy to do. Much easier than Photoshop in my opinion. Follow along as we convert spot colors into halftones for screenprinting tee shirts.

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