Screenprinting Tee Shirts: Why Won’t My Emulsion Stencil Reclaim?

This is another quick tips video in which we look at a common problem for many beginners and home screen printers. I have certainly covered this topic in the past probably within other screen making videos but since I get asked so often I thought a short 5 minute video would be appropriate. Here I discuss the main two most common reasons people experience screen lock. You’ll learn about what causes the emulsion to become permanent on the screen mesh and how to prevent it.

Follow along as we answer these questions:

What is screen lock?

Why can’t I remove the emulsion form my screen?

How does the emulsion become permanent?

How do you prevent screen lock?

So check out this educational screenprinting video and get the rundown in less than 5 minutes. I guarantee this tutorial video will answer your questions about screen lock and permanently fixed emulsion. Learn how to screen print tee shirts with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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