Screenprinting Tee Shirts: Extreme Hot Weather Print Shop Tips

This is another educational screenprinting video about printing in the extreme hot weather of summer. For those of us in more extreme environments like in the Southwest and other desert areas we can regularly experience temperatures of over 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Check out this video in which I used no fans or cooling during the shooting of the video. You can see simply from making the video how hot and sweaty I became. This is why I do not teach or print much during the summer and video making is reduced to whatever I can do. I can’t wait to get into a space with at least a swamp cooler.

Heat can affect our print work and in this video you can see me get all sweaty as I did not use any cooling to make this. In just making the video I was pretty wet by the end and I thought this would help demonstrate the difficulties of working in hot weather. Some of us either physically cannot cool or work spaces or it is financially impractical so there are a few tips I can give you to help out. Follow along as I mention the most major problems I have encountered in Phoenix Arizona where it gets routinely over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Learn about plastisol ink and chemical storage in the desert. When does plastisol ink actually gel? I tell you in this video about screen printing T shirts. Follow along and get the best tips that come from an actual screen printer. Get in on these technical tips and thoughts from my personal experience. Learn how to screen print with Catspit.

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