Creating Screenprinting Artwork: Using Adobe Bridge & Clip Art

This is another #educational screenprinting video about using Adobe #Illustrator to make simple #screenprinting artwork. In this tutorial video I show you how to use Adobe Bridge to browse and open your vector files. If you have a collection of vector files like I do and you do not have a way to index or search them then Adobe Bridge can help you do that. Although bridges capable of doing so many things here we simply show you how to use it to look at factor files and open them in order to create simple yet complex screenprinting artwork for making T-shirts. Here you will see how easy it is to combine two pieces of clipart with some text in order to create a simple three color design. Learn how you can start making great screenprint artwork and designs for tee shirts even when you do not have sophisticated Adobe Illustrator or vector art skills. Anyone can create some cool T-shirt art with a little experimentation, creativity, and vector clip art.

This is another educational screenprinting video about creating artwork in Illustrator for printing tee shirts. In this tutorial video you will learn how to use Adobe Bridge for browsing vector art files. Adobe Bridge is most certainly capable of many other things. But you can simply use it to look at your collection of vector files in the event you do not have software that will index or browse them. Learn how to open Adobe Bridge and look at your vector files. You will also see how to open these files and manipulate them in order to make very simple multicolor artwork for printing your T-shirts. Here you will see how we can take two clipart elements and combine them to make a simple yet complex multicolor screenprint. Follow along as I show you how to do these things and witness a little impromptu artwork creation. We think you will find browsing files and creating artwork by combining clipart is a lot of fun and can open up many creative possibilities even when you’re vector artwork abilities are limited.

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