How To Screen Print: 1 Color Catspit Tee Shirt Production Run

This is a very cool screenprinting production run follow up video to the previous 1 color production run tips video. In the previous video we discussed tips on this set up and test print. Now in this new production run video you get to s…ee the shirts being printed. It’s a fun video with a very cool audio track I like a lot. This is my kind of dance music. May not be for everyone but if you’re feeling Catspit it just might be for you today 😉

This is another educational screen printing video production run. Here we are following up a 1 color production run tips video with the actual production run. This is a fun tutorial in which you can watch Jonathan print some Catspit tee shirts with a 1 color black design on gray shirts. Here Jonathan uses a 160 mesh with a rather thick black ink to produce a soft feeling plastisol print. These shirts have a lessor volume of black plastisol ink printed on them due to the mesh count and thickness of the ink. After the initial laundry wash these prints will have a very soft feel and will get softer with additional washes. Who said you can’t print soft hand with plastisol inks? Not anyone who has worked extensively with them that is for sure. Now it may be true that it will be difficult to get a soft hand with plastisol inks on black tee shirts but it is not impossible to do with other colors and designs. Most anything printed with plastisol inks on an automatic press will feel much softer than that of the same off a manual press.

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