How To Screen Print: Giving Away Free Bench Presses?

Check out Nick picking up his free #screenprinting #startup #kit from Catspit Productions in Phoenix, Arizona. Nick is IamNickAwesome on YouTube and he submitted a costume video for our Halloween 2013 contest. He was out 1st entry and our 2nd place prize winner. Since he turned out to live in the area we had him come by to say hello and get his goodies. Thanks for coming by Nick! I had fun making this video with you and meeting you. Good luck and best wishes to you!

This is a quick screen printing video about the latest and greatest startup kit give away contest. This year we held a Halloween video costume contest on YouTube and we received over 13 entries. Many of them were very creative and some were very spontaneous and funny. All of them were very entertaining and thanks again to all who participated and to everyone who watched and rated the videos. In this video we meet IamNickAwesome from YouTube because he was 2nd place winner in the costume contest. He actually turned out to be located in the Phoenix area so we asked him over to the Catspit shop for a quick visit and to make a quick video with us. So here is Nick saying hello to you all and picking up his new and free 1 color Alley Cat bench press made by RANAR. Make sure to subscribe to our channel and stay tuned for next year’s Halloween costume contest.

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