How To Screenprint: Screen & Ink Changes Production Run

Someone is remaking all of my best videos. I guess you do whatever it takes 😉 I mean I know ultimately there will be screen printing videos that are about the same material since it is industry specific. But it does look like a strategic play to place better on YouTube. It’s not all about the content anyway. It’s about the style. Well here is an actual production run which they can’t recreate. That’s the difference. I am a real screen printer helping other screen printers. I am not a part time screen printer turned salesman. Rather I think of myself somewhat like a screen printing Robin Hood…. LOL. I share all the secrets the other established printers won’t. Watch this little production run video and see how even a 1 color job can turn into a laborious task with ink changes and screens changes.

This production run screen printing educational video is a little different than some of our past production run videos. This time we focus on the ups and downs of screenprinting tee shirts. Here you will get a chance to get a good look at how Jonathan changes ink colors and screens on press during a single print run. This is a fun video with a peek into the labor of the job when several ink changes or different designs are called for in one commercial print run. If you are thinking about getting shirts screen printed or you are thinking about getting into screenprinting then this video is a must see. As a consumer you will see why custom printed tee shirts cost what they do and for the beginning screen printer you will get a good look at what labor may be involved even with simple one color jobs. Get the kind of information form a video you can only get from an experienced screen printer. Jonathan is not a musician turned salesman rather he is a screen printer helping other screen printers. Watch this video and find out why our screenprinting videos are the best on YouTube.

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