How To Screen Print: Can The Sun Be Used To Expose Screens?

Okay so recently I have been getting a lot of questions regarding exposing screens using the sun. I thought it would be a good video for me to make and share with you my personal opinion and beliefs on this matter. There are people who use the sun to make oversized screens for graphic screenprinting. But for a textile screen printing beginner, is the sun a good way to make screens? Find out what I think about it.

This is another thorough educational video about screenprinting and making screens using the sun as your exposure light. Recently we have been bombarded with questions about this subject so we figured it was time to offer our opinion and take on this very debatable topic. Is the sun a good source of UV light for making screens? How long might the exposure take? Can you get off good detail? There seems to be some confusion with the facts about working with the sun to make screens for screen printing. It is actually a very huge variable so take a few minutes and watch this video as Jonathan shares his knowledge about emulsions, screen making and UV light. If you are considering using the sun to do screenprinting of any kind then this video will either help you in doing so or it will save you a lot of time and wasted materials. As we like to say around the Catspit shop, eliminate all variables. Doing that helps you print better, faster and get the best print results while you’re at it.

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