Screen Printing T-Shirts: Creating 1 Color Halftone Artwork With Spot Colors

This is it! The long awaited 1 color halftone video with artwork instruction, tips, advice and a walkthrough in Illustrator. I have been telling you all I would get to this sooner or later and I finally had some time to put this together. I… had to come up with some artwork just to make for this video so I chose a rather controversial topic with a Ben Franklin patriotic type quotation which reflects on our Founding Father’s original vision of this country and what it really is today. Don’t worry I have no political agenda and you can interpret the design for yourself without judgment 😉 This is the artwork video. Next up; the printing video. This video is called, “Screen Printing T-Shirts: Creating 1 Color Halftone Artwork With Spot Colors.”

This is another very awesome educational video by Catspit Productions. This one is a long awaited and a much demanded topic about creating 1 color halftones in Illustrator. In this tutorial screenprinting video Jonathan will show you how he sets up his black and white halftones with spot colors using an image modified in Photoshop which is imported into Illustrator. Here he will explain a few things about doing this before he shows you what to do in the graphic software in order to get a halftone film positive. For this you’ll need a computer, vector art software, RIP software, an inkjet printer and inkjet film positives. Then you’ll need a photograph that you can manipulate in an image program like Photoshop or Gimp. Jonathan will show you the rest and no matter what software you use his teaching style will enable you to do this for yourself with a little hard work. This is another very fun run through of halftone screen printing with black inks on a white tee shirt. One more thing, you’ll also get a peek into how to print the same design on black tee shirts. Who loves you baby?

Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit and save on screenprinting supplies with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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