RhinoTech Self Weeding Color Laser Multi Surface Heat Transfer Paper: Detailed Review

Check it out baby! This is an in depth review and overview of RhinoTech’s new SinglePrint self seeding color laser heat transfer paper for multiple substrates or surfaces. This is a very cool heat transfer paper and I had a lot of fun making this video. I know it’s a longer video about 22 minutes but I felt the need to go into depth with this product and make sure you knew all the details about using it and its potential.  So if you’re into heat transfers in any way this video is a must see and well worth your investment in time. It’s also very fun to watch and extremely informative 😉

The video is called, “RhinoTech Self Weeding Color Laser Multi Surface Heat Transfer Paper: Detailed Review.” This is another educational product review sponsored by RhinoTech. In this video review about heat transfers we take a look at the SinlgePrint multi surface color laser heat transfer paper by RhinoTech. This is a very cool transfer paper that may be applied to many items including mugs, ceramic tile, metals, wood, plaques, leather and more. This Catspit video will run you through the entire process of using this transfer paper on mugs and plaques. You’ll get a very in depth review and examination of the heat transfer paper and the application all the way through to the finished product. The video is about 22 minutes but if you’re looking into heat transfers for your home business this is a video you will not want to miss. The video is extremely informative while also being very entertaining. Find out what Jonathan thinks about this transfer paper while you follow him along during the application process. This is another very candid product review by Catspit Productions, LLC.

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