Learn Silk Screenprinting: Forum Contributor Shout Out!

Here is another fun Catspit Forum shout out video for Chrissi Dees of Leadfoot Shirts. I still have yet another on deck as we take time to thank all the people who regularly use the Catspit Learn How To Screen Print Forum. I have bent the rules some as far as the forum rewards system to do a few shout out videos for people who really deserve the attention for giving so much back online. But most all of these people have reached the 125 post requirement for the shout out video. You can too. Just get on the forum and start posting. Check it out and learn about our very special screenprinting forum 😉

This video is called, “Learn Silk Screenprinting: Forum Contributor Shout Out!” We have a number of Catspit Learn How To Screen Print Forum members that continually go above and beyond the call of duty. The Catspit forum is a very friendly place to begin to learn how to screen print tee shirts and other items. This is our third Catspit Productions Forum contributor shout out. If you enjoy the Catspit forum and you spend some time there posting and answering questions you too can get a special shout out video. Jonathan monitors the forum daily and he notices those who contribute greatly to the forum. If he picks you you’ll get to send us some information to share with our audience about yourself and your screen printing endeavors.

Leadfoot Shirts:


On the forum:


Leadfoot’s RhinoTech Dry Stencil Review:


Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit and save on screenprinting supplies with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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