Screen Printing: Multi Color Registration Tips & Troubleshooting

Here is a video I made to help answer some common questions I get about multi color registration on a manual rotary screen printing press. I often get questions relating to registration so I figured I would make a video with my best tips and advice for setting up or trouble shooting. Now I know I didn’t include everything about troubleshooting multi color screenprinting registration in this video like I forgot to mention if you use laser vellum that too can shrink when printed thus causing registration problems but I think I did cover some very good tips for you to use when doing multiple color screen print jobs in your shop.

The video is called, “Screen Printing: Multi Color Registration Tips & Troubleshooting.” This is an educational video about multi color registration for screen printing textiles. In this tutorial video you will learn some of Jonathan’s best tips for working on press with multi color print jobs. Find out what is the best off contact distance, learn about causes of stencil drag, and see how film positives can contribute to registration problems plus more. This video will help you figure out why you are having registration problems and what to do to fix the issue. In this awesome troubleshooting video we cover 9 tips for setting up multi colored screen print jobs on a manual rotary textile screenprinting press. If you are learning about screen printing tee shirts or you’re an experienced screen printer these tips will definitely help you out in the shop. So come along on a fantastic voyage of tips and advice for screenprinting multi color registration techniques. After watching this video you will have fewer problems with your registration on press.

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2 Responses to Screen Printing: Multi Color Registration Tips & Troubleshooting

  1. Jake says:

    I really appreciate the information you share through your videos. I am extremely new to the world of silk screen printing, and your videos offer some great tips/insights into different things I need to pay attention to that I may not have otherwise.

    Please keep the information coming! Thanks again!

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