Screen Printing Startup Kit Video Response Contest Winners!

Here it is people. Finally the moment you have all been waiting for in regards to the Screen Printing Superstore startup kit video response contest. It was a very cool event to hold and participate in with you all and I thank you again for submitting videos. I appreciate all your hard work in doing these parodies and spoofs. So if you want to find out who won what and what we did to accommodate the great responses from you all then you’ll have to watch the video. It’s a little long but I tried to make it fun and you get to see decent clips from each winning video.

It’s called, “Screen Printing Startup Kit Video Response Contest Winners” This is the first official video announcing the winners of the first ever startup kit video response contest held by Catspit Productions on YouTube. The entire contest was very informal and quite open to interpretation. Therefore we received a total of 9 videos from 6 different YouTube users. All of them were very cool to see and we appreciate everyone’s participation in this contest very much. We liked the videos so much that we had to expand the prize offerings from one startup kit to 2 startup kits and a 3rd place $100 prize. You’re going to have to watch the video to get all the details on that. But in the end we had 3 winners that took 1st through 3rd place and everyone will get a prize. For all of you who did not place you will receive some free Catspit tee shirts in your sizes. The video is a little long by YouTube standards but it is very entertaining and you’ll get to see nice clips from the winning videos. We enjoyed them so much we wanted to share as much of them with you as possible and make sure that the creators work gets some exposure.

Thanks to Screen Printing Superstore for donating the kits to give away!

Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit and save on supplies with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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