Screen Printing In 1988 With my Oldest Brother & Beer!

Okay so I gave you all a preview of the photographs I had found from 1988 of me and my brother screen printing in his very first garage boy shop in New York State. I originally was going to write up a blog post and put the images into that and share them all with you but I decided to make it a little more fun to look at by turning it into a mini slide show video for YouTube. I figured it would get more attention this way and it would be seen by more of our audience as opposed to a blog post. It was amazing to see these pictures again of me at age 17 screen printing a multi colored job in the garage. My brother is a social butterfly so he used to get a lot of jobs just by talking to different people when he went out for any reason. One time on a visit to Arizona before he moved out here he had a 10 minute conversation with a guy who spoke Spanish in the supermarket…. LOL. But seriously he is gifted at social networking in real life.

The new video/slide show is called, “Screen Printing In 1988 With my Oldest Brother & Beer!” This is an educational screen printing video about my brother’s shop in 1988. These are some very old photographs I found of my brother’s first garage boy shop at our home in Putnam Valley, New York. This is after my experiences screenprinting fine art work and tee shirts with my Uncle Angelo. So I am 17 years old here and I am doing some of my first commercial printing in these still photos. I thought you all would appreciate the photos and getting a peak at what I looked like in 1988. In these images we are working in the garage shop late in the evening and it appears that we are printing a multi-color job here. You get to see not only me but there’s a shot with my brother Jeff having a beer and our mother is in the background. In one of the shot our longtime friend of the family John Bell is seen. This is back in the day when we made most all of our own screens from wood using nails and glue. You can see stacks of Saati mesh above my head in some of these shots which we used to make our screens with. Even back in the day Saati was always very helpful to us.

Thanks for checking out my little slide show! Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit!

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