Screen Printing Classes, Training, Instruction & Education

I figured I’d make this video very quickly to remind you all that you can take classes with Catspit Productions and RANAR in El Segundo California. It’s about 30 minutes from the Long Beach Convention Center and currently we hold 2 classes each year; one in August after the show in LB and one in January after the show there too. But we are getting request to hold earlier classes throughout the year. The problem is I am in Phoenix so we need at least 4 people for a class to be possible. Therefore RANAR and I wanted to remind you that you can contact us and let us know you want to take a class sooner.

The video is called, “Screen Printing Classes, Training, Instruction & Education.” Catspit Productions offers some very special classes and hands on instruction with Jonathan himself at the RANAR factory in El Segundo, California. We normally host 2 classes each year; one in August and one in January. But often we are asked about holding classes earlier than the scheduled classes you can find here:

Therefore since we get these requests RANAR and Catspit Productions will keep a waiting list to hold an earlier class at RANAR. So if you are interested in having a class sooner than scheduled please contact Jonathan or RANAR and let them know you would like to be on the waiting list for an unscheduled class. Once we have 4 people or more we can hold the class. If you are interested make sure to let us know.

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