Screen Printing Product Review: 2 Part Emulsion Hardener Vs. 1 Part

Now this was a very challenging video to make I have to admit. I had to edit it down some and cut out some scenes I shot not knowing I would be unable to use them. 15 minutes is the maximum time I would make a video I think even though it is possible to upload longer videos. But I think 15 minutes is the best I’ll get out of most people’s attention span these days. So in this video we learn that RhinoTech has 2 emulsion hardeners and one will make a very permanent stencil while the other will increase stencil durability while still allowing for reclaiming. It was very interesting to test these 2 emulsion hardeners together and I had never used an emulsion hardener before. What we discovered about the differences in the 2 stencil hardeners you will get to see for yourself in the video.

The video is called, “Screen Printing Product Review: 2 Part Emulsion Hardener Vs. 1 Part.” This educational screen printing video is about using a stencil hardener or emulsion hardener to make your screen permanent. In some cases when printing long runs or high volume print jobs we need a very durable stencil; therefore a special chemical known as an emulsion hardener is used to create a more durable or permanent stencil. In this video we compare RhinoTech’s 2 part hardener to their 1 part hardener. In this video Jonathan makes a new screen, uses the different hardeners on either side of the screen and prints a few test prints with the screen before attempting to reclaim the hardened emulsion. In the video we get to see each of the hardeners as Jonathan reclaims the screen. It would seem the 1 part hardener makes a more durable stencil but is still reclaimable. As for the 2 part hardener, well that one looks a lot more permanent as you will see for yourself in this screenprinting video.

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