How To Photograph Your Screen Printed Tee Shirts 101

So I had a question on the Catspit Screen Printing Forum that asked about how to photograph screen printed tee shirts for Ebay and such. Since I have done a lot of product photography in Manhattan I figured I could help out here with some general tips on how to shoot tee shirts on mannequins or shirt forms. Please visit and check out the details on how the videos are made as well as what type of lighting I use for both videos and still photographs:

You’ll find the Amazon links for the light bulbs I use at the bottom of the page! Good luck.

And here is the Catspit Forum post that prompted this video:

This is an educational video that will introduce you to a very basic set up for photographing your screen printed garments for Facebook, Twitter, Ebay, Etsy or any other website you need to post photos of your printed shirts to. In this video I give you a basic and quick rundown of the set up I have for making photographs of my screen printing work. You’ll get to see the background and podium set up for the product as well as some of the lighting I use to get a decent shot with daylight balanced lighting fairly easily. This set up is geared toward digital photography and is best suited for product photography rather than people. By using s diffused lighting set up you can get a nice representation of your screenprinting work and if needed the image may be tweaked in Photoshop. Sometimes pumping the contrast after the image is made with diffused lighting is easier than trying to perfect the lighting yourself without the proper lights or experience.

Thanks for stopping by my humble little bog and having a read about my screen printing and photography videos. Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit!

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  1. Another great, yet humble blog! thanks.

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