How To Screen Print: Water Proof VS Non Water Proof Inkjet Film Positives

So I was about to do a video featuring water proof inkjet film when I started to have problems with my printers and RIP software. I planned on posting that video yesterday but instead I had to contend with some technical issues. But in the meantime it made me realize I had a video I should be doing first. Since we were about to talk about water proof inkjet film and non water proof inkjet film I figured it was due time to explain what the difference is between the two types of inkjet film positives. Therefore I made this video and posted it yesterday which is allowing me to work on the video for later this week.

This is tutorial screen printing video is called, “How To Screen Print: Water Proof VS Non Water Proof Inkjet Film Positives” and it’s all about inkjet film positives. What makes inkjet film positives water proof or non water proof? Did you ever wonder about that or which type of inkjet film would work best for you? How about Catspit’s Super Inkjet Film Positives, did you ever wonder if they were non water proof? These questions about inkjet film positives are answered in this video plus more. Learn about the emulsion used on inkjet films to make them receive inkjet inks. You’ll get to see a piece of 11×17 inkjet film in both non water proof and water proof versions and learn how to tell the difference visually. If you are just starting out in screen printing then this video is a must to watch as you learn how to output your artwork to film in order to make screens for screenprinting tee shirts.

Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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