How To Screen Print: Cleaning & Maintaining Squeegee Tips

I did something I don’t often do. I mean it’s not that I don’t listen to my audience and the generous people who spend time watching my educational screenprinting videos but I have to say requests are not my specialty. That’s because I don’t just make videos. I am an actual working screen printing shop which not only prints but also sells equipment and supplies. So the videos I do make tend to fall into the category of “easy enough to do in the normal course of business.” After all I have to spend the most time where I make my living. But this new video is an outright request fulfillment and maybe, just maybe I’ll try to do more if they aren’t too wild. I hope you enjoy this rather simple yet informative screenprinting video.

This video is called, “How To Screen Print: Cleaning & Maintaining Squeegee Tips.” This is an educational screen printing video that was requested by an audience member. This video is all about cleaning and caring for your squeegees. First we take a look at why it is the easiest to clean squeegees directly after printing. Then we look at a few squeegees that were left a few days before we clean them in this video. Now while we are doing all this we discuss the benefits and disadvantages of cleaning squeegees immediately after printing as opposed to letting them sit with ink on them. You’ll actually learn about how squeegee materials can and will absorb inks and chemicals affecting their performance. This video shows you the easiest way to clean squeegees using the least amount of solvents or chemicals. Do you want to learn how to save a little of your press wash? Then watch this video. Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit!

Thanks much for dropping by my humble little screenprinting blog. I appreciate your time and support online very much! Make sure to drop by the YouTube channel and subscribe! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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2 Responses to How To Screen Print: Cleaning & Maintaining Squeegee Tips

  1. Bob Reigle says:

    Hello Jonathan. Thanks for your great instructional videos. I wonder if the Crazy Clean Wipes by Sprayway that you demonstrated would be helpful to remove the residual plastisol ink from squeegees after you scrape off most of the ink with a card or plastic scraper. I use a similar product sold in auto parts stores to clean my squeegees and they work pretty good. Take care!

    • You’re welcome, thanks for watching my videos and checking out my blog. I appreciate the support! They sure would especially if you can scrape most of the ink off with the spatula. Then those little crazy wipes would kick some butt on squeegees. You are correct I believe. That would work great.

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