Summertime Screen Printing Mesh Preparation

Happy Memorial Day weekend to all! I hope you have a safe and entertaining 3 day holiday. In honor of summertime and screen printing tee shirts I thought I would make a fun video in a satirical fashion. I was printing some shirts this day and it was above 100 degrees F outside so in the shop it was like a convection oven with the belt dryer running too. On days like that I often print in my shorts and just run out to the pool and jump in to cool my body temperature down and get a refresher. Then as I go back to print and my hair dries along with my shorts I get an evaporative cooling action. So to celebrate pools, summertime, screenprinting and the holiday I made this video for fun. I hope you like it!

This screen printing educational video is a satire and a welcoming of the summertime fun we all enjoy. It’s called, “Summertime Screen Printing Mesh Preparation.”  Do you want to find out how I prepare all of my screen mesh for coating with emulsion during the hot Arizona summer months? Then this video is for you. Here you’ll get to see how I don’t recommend getting your mesh ready to coat with your scoop coater. All I needed was a cooler full of beer, some girls in bikinis and a grill with some steak on it and I could have cleaned mesh all day…. LOL. But seriously, have a great Memorial Day weekend and please be safe in your backyard activities. And don’t do what I did in this video kids. That’s right. Don’t try this at home…. or in your screen print shop or your Jacuzzi or anywhere! 🙂 Unless you have the girls in bikinis with the cooler of beer at least…. 🙂

Thanks again for reading my blog especially over this holiday weekend. Long live the United States of America. Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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