How To Screen Print: Setting Up & Using A Pocket Pallet

The first YouTube video for this week is a continuation on the pallet theme. I figured it was the perfect time to come back to printing on the pocket by looking at the pocket pallet. That fits right in with all of the other pallet videos I have done recently. And it’s a follow up video to the one about printing inside the pocket with the “Helen Keller” method. I promised I would show you the pocket pallet method after I replaced my missing pallet. Well, in this screen printing video I make good on that promise.

This one is called, “How To Screen Print: Setting Up & Using A Pocket Pallet.” In this screen printing tutorial video we take one last look at pallets for screen printing tee shirts. The pocket pallet is a specialized pallet that you can use to make it much easier to print designs inside the pocket. In a previous video I showed you how to do this without the pocket pallet using the “Helen Keller’ method in which we mostly use feel to place the pocket for printing. In this screenprinting video I show you how to set up the pocket pallet and how to load shirts onto the pallet. You’ll get a close up of the pocket pallet itself as well as a good look at how it sets up on press and what off contact requirements you will need in order to use one. After you watch this educational video you will know what a pocket pallet is and how to use it. Just remember to make sure your artwork fits inside the pocket!

There is some rather good news about the website coming your way very soon. The entire site has been rebuilt with a new great feature that I will announce later this week or the beginning of next week. The website will also now contain all the videos on watch pages for you to access them directly from the Catspit site while referring to all those articles that fill in the blanks. The scheduled re-launch is set for next week. I’ll make a final announcement on that real soon. Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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