World’s 1st Legoland Stop Action Screen Printing Shop

Yes! That’s right, I am the first person to ever build and make a Legoland stop action screen printing shop! Alright, I don’t know about that for sure but who else would do something like this? Probably not many but as you can see I am totally consumed with screenprinting. In every aspect of my life I live, breath, and eat screen printing. So I think it’s pretty safe to say this is a first. I’d love to make some more stop action videos in the future with Lego products. They are easy to work with and have all the appropriate components to make a complete stop motion video. Anyway I hope you all enjoy this entertainment video.

The latest screen printing video is called’, “World’s 1st Legoland Stop Action Screen Printing Shop.” This is a video I made for fun. I am very interested in stop action as many of you may know. I love old stop action monster movies and sci-fi stuff. I love all of the Ray Harryhausen movies very much. To this day I prefer special monster effects to be done in front of the camera as opposed to computer rendered animations. There is something about knowing it was a hands on creation that makes it all the more worthwhile. And yes, much like many adults I love Legos and I have a decent amount of them to mess around with. It’s a great way to relax and flex your creative muscles. I built this mini screen printing shop while I was watching an old Colombo movie. LOL… Peter Falk was awesome! How the heck did he ever get into acting with that glass eye? He must have been an amazing actor.

Anyway I hope you all enjoy this entertainment video. I learned a lot from making this little test of a stop motion animation video. I will certainly do some more in the future. Maybe a full fledged Legoland movie with a story or something. But that will definitely not be related to screenprinting….. LOL. Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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