How To Screen Print: Making Wood Handle Squeegees

Here is the 4th educational screen printing video for January 2012. That’s right! I have already done 4 screen printing videos on YouTube and there are still 3 left to go. WOW! Seven videos in one month! Is that an sign? A precursor of what is to come? Is this starting to sound like the end of an old Batman episode? But really yes, I have been ultra busy making new screen printing videos every week this January. February will also be packed with new tutorial printing videos but they will be all product demos and features. I myself will be taking the month off from doing actual Catspit videos. Don’t worry, I’ll still be in all the videos for February but they will all be geared to educate you about products I recommend and use myself. And of course you will be able to get a discount on them from using a Catspit promo code you can get on the website’s Print Supplies page.

This new screenprinting video is called, “How To Screen Print: Making Wood Handle Squeegees.” This was a more complex video to make than I thought it would be and I really wish I had more time to invest into it when I made it. January has been very stressful and so busy in the office that it has been making to me that I even have out out the videos I did. In this one I walk you through the process of how to make wood handle squeegees using bulk squeegee and wood handles. The bulk squeegee can come in 6 foot rolls or long pieces and the wood handle comes as a long uncut piece. Some of the shots in this video I would have done differently had I had more time I think. But in the end the video came out pretty good. It may not be a cinematic masterpiece but it certainly relays the pertinent information very well. And it’s probably fun to watch because of yours truly. I know I get a laugh out of watching my own videos…LOL. Anyway this is something I don’t do very often in my shop so I am glad I was able to share it with you all at this point. I think you’ll agree it’s another excellent and unique screen printing video from Catspit Productions.

In one of the shots in this video my fat head really gets in the way! You’ll have to watch it to see what I am talking about. Sorry about that everyone but that’s why I will be doing product videos next month. I need to refresh and re boot myself for some new educational videos about printing tee shirts. The paper stencil and found objects video is on deck for next week. Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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