How To Screen Print: Tips On Printing White Plastisol Ink

Here is a video that has been a long time coming. Have I said that before? Probably but it’s true. The latest screen printing video uploaded to YouTube is about a topic I get questions on almost every day. In the video I actually poke fun at the tone of many of the messages I get regarding this matter and I did my best to make this one especially fun. So what is it all about? From the title of this blog post you know exactly what I am talking about don’t you? Yes of course you do and I’ll bet many of you have had days of printing white plastisol inks much like I depicted in the video for comedic purposes. Well I finally had time to address this question for all to benefit from

The new screenprinting video is called, “How To Screen Print: Tips On Printing White Plastisol Ink.” In this great educational video I give you some of my best pointers on working with white inks. I cover things like mesh tension, mesh count, frame rigidity and more. Like, have you ever really thought about your squeegee durometer when printing white plastisol ink? Well you certainly should. And what about mixing? Did you know that most plastisol screen printing inks are thixotropic? That’s right, some technical jargon that will amaze and enlighten you…. LOL. I even talk about reducers and thinners. While I know many people like to add them to their inks to make them thinner, I’ll tell you why I absolutely advise against it. What’s even better about this video is that the tips I share with you about printing white plastisol ink can be use for any high opacity ink. That’s right! You heard me! This is a double whammy because the topic actually crosses boundaries with two types of direct screen printing inks. So if you want to learn more about how to get great coverage easily with white plastisol ink, then you have to make sure to check out this new Catspit screenprinting tutorial video.

Oh and yes, I do remember I was supposed to upload the paper stencil video today but that needed some more items to work with in the video so I have actually pushed that one until next Monday. But I can tell you I will be uploading a new screen printing video about making your own wood handled squeegees on Thursday. Well, I’m pretty sure anyway…LOL. No really as long as nothing goes wrong making wood squeegees is on deck. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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