Catspit Productions Screen Printing Newsletter #4

Merry Christmas and Holiday Greetings to all. May the new year bring prosperity to you and your loved ones.

Before we start I have to once again thank all of you for your continued support and thank you for visiting the Catspit Productions website! I appreciate your taking the time to watch my YouTube videos and read the great screen printing articles on the website. Thank you for your time and attention. Thank you all very much!

Now on to the latest and greatest news from Catspit Productions, LLC!

The Shop: The Catspit screen printing shop is doing well with new props, wall decorations and even updated lighting. The new stereo wireless microphone along with the HD Sony camera makes for much better educational videos. Next I’d like to get a second camera in order to give you all better views and more variety in the clips that make up each new video.

The Website:The Catspit Productions website is always a work in progress. In the past I have toyed with rebuilding it and making it into something more than what it is today. Currently I am thinking of building a secondary website which would be a “sister” site with all of the features and functions I wish the Catspit site really had. I may do it this way because I’d like to expand my business online in a way I can do it entirely myself and maintain total control over the administration. I will continue to add new screen printing articles and other information to the existing Catspit website indefinitely.

The YouTube Channel: I have been very busy with the YouTube channel making more and more new videos each week. As we move forward on working with screen printing supply vendors you can be sure to see videos about some of your favorite products. This also means there will be more videos being uploaded to the channel as I maintain the balance between vendor product reviews and straight educational videos. I hope you will find all of my videos to be useful or entertaining and I ask that you help me keep view counts up by visiting the YouTube channel weekly and taking a look at the newest screen printing videos. I count on your support to continue growing on YouTube.

The Catspit Blog: The blog is doing well and receiving more visits every day. It still remains a rather pure site in that it has no ads of any kind. It’s a simple portal to the YouTube channel and website but it also contains all of the latest news and video releases as well as personal commentary. This is where you can find out about the latest additions to the website, new videos, current Catspit events and more. When I upload new videos to YouTube I always do a blog post in which you will get the inside scoop. I encourage you to stop by the Catspit Blog and subscribe in order to get the latest updates on all things Catspit.

Vector Artwork Services: Please don’t forget we offer vector art conversions of your hand drawn or scanned artwork. This is a cool service that converts your jpeg’s, png’s, pdf’s and tiff image files into vector art files in EPS format. To learn more about this service please visit the Artwork Services page of the website.

Equipment Sales: If you are interested in buying any manual equipment, please contact me and give Catspit Productions an opportunity to quote you the same RANAR equipment used in the Catspit videos on YouTube. RANAR is our preferred equipment dealer and we are always happy to answer any questions about equipment sales.

Help spread the word about Catspit Productions; connect with us on Facebook, and Twitter!

Thanks again to everyone for helping make the Catspit Productions internet project a success. I look forward to providing you with more great free information about screen printing throughout the New Year.

Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes!

Best regards,

Jonathan Monaco

Catspit Productions, LLC

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