Silk Screenprinting: Fine Art Posterization Photo Print

This is a cool bonus video for you all. I wasn’t planning on doing this one but when I realized I had the prints from college I thought I would share this cool fine art screen printing with you. When I was at Arizona State University working on my 4 year B.F.A. degree, I specialized in photography and printing. The photography was fine art based with studio work on table top sets. I used to photograph a lot of inanimate objects rather than people. And the printing part of my degree was fun. I got to do all sort of printing like lithography, etching, photo gravure, cyanotypes, Van Dykes, carbonate gum, and of course screen printing. I had  a lot of fun in college making art. I was also known to do installation art!

The latest screenprinting video uploaded to YouTube is called, “Silk Screenprinting: Fine Art Posterization Photo Print.” In this one I show you how I made a fine art screen print from a black and white photograph. I also explain the whole concept of a posterization and how it works while showing you the original photograph and the finished screen print. You get to see my collection of cameras too. I have two Nikon N8008’s, a Mamiya RZ67 Pro 2, a Toyo 4×5 view camera as well as lenses and other accoutrements. I really don’t do any photography anymore as the business and video work is keeping me busy currently. I wouldn’t mind keeping the 4×5 and selling the rest. One day I might like to try to make some photos again and 4×5 is a nice size to make direct fine art prints from the negatives or with Polaroids. And I would certainly like to be able to make some nice fine art screen prints again too. I hope to be able to get back to this topic with some hands on printing and artwork creation. I’ll be sure to make videos for you all to follow along with.

So make sure to stop by the YouTube channel and take a look at the latest Catspit video. You should also stop by the website and read the great screenprinting articles there too. No matter which way you go you’re bound to learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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2 Responses to Silk Screenprinting: Fine Art Posterization Photo Print

  1. abbaskhan says:

    dear friend as i am not familiar with your name i would very much like to know your name as you guys post some of the best scree printing information through youtube- as you say no matter which way you go you re bound to learn more about screen printing as i am my self an expert scree printer and designer with a lot of theory and practical knowledge from 1984 from basic to advance printing methods you guys give us some of the best information there i all ways a lot to learn from SOME of the BEST thank you once again my friend Abbas Khan

    • Thank you very much!! My name is Jonathan. It’s my pleasure to help out and share information. Thank you very much for taking the time to let me know how much you are getting out of my educational efforts online. I appreciate that. Make sure to fully explore the website for a ton of free information about screen printing. And if you need supplies, please check out my Print Supplies page for discounts:

      And please help spread the word about us online. Share my YouTube channel or website with your friends on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or whatever social networking site you may use. Every little bit helps.

      Good luck and thanks for your support. Feel free to ask questions anytime!

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