Welcome To The Catspit Christmas Season

Hey everyone! I just wanted to stop by and give you an update on things around the Catspit shop. I have been very busy working on screen printing jobs but I have also been making a lot of videos lately too. It’s so much fun to make these videos for you all but as you may know screen printing is a small niche on YouTube. It is very hard to get any attention with such a topic. Don’t get me wrong, the channel is doing well and I get decent views but in comparison to popular topics there on YouTube I am not very popular in general. For screen printing Catspit is well known it seems but in order for the channel to thrive and continuously grow, I need to add flavor and some spice to the channel now and then. In doing so I believe I can expose new viewers, who otherwise would have never come across my channel, to my screenprinting videos.

What is this flavor and spice? Well it’s not all that exciting I suppose but we are talking about the southwestern and wild west videos I make and post as well as the aquarium videos. You know the ocean video, gunfight videos, Arizona videos, and even techno music videos. And of course like the latest video about saltwater aquariums, I have 2 others about fresh water tanks. So not only do these videos let me have even more fun making videos they also help me get my YouTube channel to perform better. Yes, I know most of these videos get relatively low view counts compared to my screen printing videos. But what they really do is make my channel and videos show up in different searches on YouTube and Google. I think most of the views could be said to be that of non screen printing viewers. Therefore you can see how they do a good job of introducing new people to the channel. Even though those numbers may be small, they are important. It helps ensure the growth of the subscriber base while helping to expand the viewer audience. Crossing topics is also appreciated by YouTube itself and I like to be friendly to them… 🙂

Oh yea, and who can forget the screen printing juice video or the Halloween video. So as I head into the Christmas season I will slow down a little bit with screen printing videos as I add some recreational videos to the Catspit YouTube channel. Well have no fear because there are still 3 new screen printing videos coming up this December. But I also have some other videos I will be posting as well. Please know this is all in the best interest of the YouTube channel and I also enjoy making videos very much. So I am having some fun crossing topics here. Thanks again for stopping by the blog and having a read. Make sure to visit the website too. Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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