How To Screen Print Tee Shirts: Printing Inside The Pocket

The latest educational screen printing video is totally old school. In the newest upload to YouTube I teach you an old technique to printing inside the pocket on a pocket tee shirt. I often refer to this method as the “Helen Keller” method but in no way do I mean disrespect to her or the blind community in general. It’s just a very descriptive way of referring to a method that uses a sense of touch mostly to get the pocket into place for printing on the pallet. With a combination of feel and visuals you can set up to screen print pocket tee shirts without a pocket pallet. This new video will show you how to do that.

The new video is called, “How To Screen Print Tee Shirts: Printing Inside The Pocket.” I think the video came out very well considering I had some technical issues with making it. I have to admit that creating and producing these videos entirely by myself is a challenging task. It is often difficult to remember every detail needed to be attended to before starting to record video. Small things like a light not being on or perhaps a regular room light is turned on which is not good for color. In this video I forgot to turn the autofocus back on after filming a couple of clips. I need to turn it off when working closely with the screen on press. Otherwise when the screen moves up and down it gets very blurry at times. So turning it back on for all the other clips is now becoming another detail to remember. Also I am using a wireless microphone now and making sure it is placed correctly and turned on is another point I can screw up… LOL. As the videos become more complex and I try to make them appear more polished, I am finding more way in which things can go wrong. Of course it doesn’t help that I am somewhat of a perfectionist. I’m sure I’ll find more things I can mess up as time goes on.

Anyway the video is good for teaching you all how to screenprint inside pockets without any special pallets. It’s a rather slow method but if you set it up properly it can be pretty good. Thanks again for stopping by the blog and reading about my screenprinting videos and such. Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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