Heat Transfers: DIY “Iron On” Artwork Patches

The latest screen printing video has been uploaded to YouTube once again. I have been very busy in the shop and office this week as things pick up for Catspit Productions. A few rush print jobs, new videos to make and plenty of internet work to finish. I have a new article to add to the website and I haven’t even blogged about the last new article yet. I guess it will be a double post when I get to it. I have even more videos to make this weekend as pressure mounts for the long awaited plastic sign and poster board printing video. I am trying very hard to make that one all it should be as it seems like it will have to live up to a lot of people’s expectations.

So this video is called, “Heat Transfers: DIY “Iron On” Artwork Patches”. It is a very cool video about a heat transfer method that you can do at home using a heat press and get great results every time. Yes, you can make awesome decorated garments with ease and perfect repeatable results. The process uses an embroidered or stitched patch that has an adhesive onto he back. Rather than being stitched onto the garment it is heat pressed to embed the adhesive into the fabric. It’s sort of like hot glue for fabric which will adhere the embroidered patch to the garment very well. This technique can really make some killer products that look custom and very professional.

I think you will like this video very much. Make sure to stop by the YouTube channel and have a look today. Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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2 Responses to Heat Transfers: DIY “Iron On” Artwork Patches

  1. I was watching the video on iron on patches and would like to share our website with you and your customers. We do custom patches from artwork sent so you don’t have to settle with a pre-made patch. http://www.customirononpatches.com

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