Catspit Productions Helps Others With Employment & New Careers

I thought it would be nice to share with you a couple of stories about how Catspit Productions seems to be helping people out with employment or even career changes. In these tough and uncertain economical times everyone has been looking for alternative ways of earning money. Especially interesting in these times are work at home type of endeavors like screen printing. Printing tee shirts for profit is very appealing to many people for many different reasons. I believe the single most important reason is people think screen printing is easy to do. They see a high markup on the tee shirt itself and don’t often consider the time and skills needed to actually print the shirt. That is why many first time start up printers fail. Many people do not consider the work involved not to mention the learning curve.

But in these modern times we also have an advantage that can help us overcome the aforementioned challenge of learning to screen print. If you can learn how to screen print properly, with the proper tools, it will make the labor part of the job easier. And now with the internet, interweb or cyberspace, as it were… we can scour the world for information on our favorite topics like screen printing. More specifically, learning how to screenprint. That’s where the Catspit website and the YouTube videos come into play. It seems you can actually use the Catspit Productions website and YouTube channel to learn how to screen print and get a job doing it!

The following two paragraphs are from two different emails I received just in September. The first person wrote:

“Just wanted to thank you for the info….VERY IMFORMATIVE. I have caught on quick…within three months I have put in my notice for my regular job and will be a fulltime screen printer! Sometimes you just gotta take a chance on yourself, man.”

The second person said a little more with this:

“I also just wanted to thank you very much again for your videos. You really helped me go into the interview and approach the job I got from a very informed point of view as opposed to just walking in there blind. I’ve been doing so well in fact that after just my 3rd day of work, one of the owners approached me and said he wants me to give me much more responsibility so the faster I perfect my techniques the faster I’ll get promotions. Even though that part of it is due to my experience with managing others, I definitely attribute some of it to your videos. You’ve helped me out a lot and I just wanted to share with you my appreciation. I could go on thanking you but I think you get the idea. Your videos have already yielded so much for me personally that I can’t wait to watch all of them and also help share what I learn to my coworkers to help the great business I’m now a part of.”

I was very pleased to get these emails and once again be reassured that my efforts to teach screenprinting online for free is actually working. In reality I receive many messages through YouTube and the website thanking me for doing what I do. All I can say is you’re welcome and thank you. I enjoy doing it and without everyone giving support and interacting with me online it would not be possible for me to do it. “The People” are a huge part of this project and only your support can keep the project alive.

Well I hope you all enjoyed these stories of Catspit helping out with real world employment. It really does make me feel good when someone takes the time to send me messages like the ones posted here. Thanks to everyone! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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