How To Screen Print: Tips On Washing Out Screens

Well another new screen printing video has been uploaded to YouTube. I have been very busy lately making videos and writing articles for publication. Now I am getting ready to turn my attention to writing some articles for the website. I am totally a stereotypical writer in that I only write when “inspired”. That means I only can write when it comes easily to me. I can’t force something if I am not feeling it. Well, yes I can but I don’t enjoy it that way…LOL. So this is one of the last of my simplest videos. I am going to try to bring more to the video editing table with future productions. I already experimented with  a couple of new videos coming up and it was fun. i hope to do it more and better.

The new screenprinting tutorial video is called, “How To Screen Print: Tips On Washing Out Screens.” This is a quick tip video in which I give you some advice on washing out the screen after you expose it with your film positive. Here I point out some things that will help you make a stencil easier when working in a shop or even at home. This video compliments the videos already on the YouTube channel about screen making. I have been thinking about remaking a series of videos about screen making but there are so many video topics I want to cover now that I never know where the path will lead me. I do plan video topics and upload dates to a certain extent but never more than a month in advance. Yea, I have a special oversized calendar which serves as the Catspit video planner. Anyway if you follow the tips in this video I really think it could help out.

I think that’s about it for now folks. I have 2 new videos in line for the week of October 10th which I am excited about as they represent my new attempts at video editing. So stay tuned while I try to make better educational videos that are well produced while unscripted and entertaining. Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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