Catspit Gets Coverage In Stitches Magazine Article

I thought I would share this interesting happening with you all. I was recently contacted by Chris Ruvo of Stitches Magazine for a phone interview. He wanted to speak with me about how the YouTube channel has helped Catspit Productions to earn business and create opportunities on the internet. I literally spent a few hours with Chris on the phone in 2 different calls. Each phone call was an interview for a separate Stitches article. I figured this would be a good thing for Catspit and perhaps give my business some added exposure while perhaps giving it some credibility in the industry.

I think maybe YouTube, being the social networking website on steroids that it is, should have certainly received a lot more attention in this article. But somehow Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn always seem to get massive media attention… hmmm. Video marketing is the biggest thing online right now for businesses to reach out and attract new customers and new opportunities. I think YouTube is far more effective at reaching prospects than Facebook or Twitter combined.

Here’s why: YouTube is owned by Google. Google includes YouTube videos in search results. People search Google and YouTube for information on a wide variety of topics. Some people skip Google and go straight to YouTube for “how to” videos and more. The fact is YouTube has become a resource for informational videos as well as entertainment videos and is often used much like a search engine for such. If you take a look at the huge variety of “how to” channels you will find every topic from cooking to pool maintenance and even small engine repair. Also YouTube happens to be the single most popular video sharing site in the world. Yea, that helps too.

Anyway if you have a moment, check out the article here:

You’ll have to go to the second page and skim around to find the YouTube section, or you could read the whole thing. Thanks for the cool article Chris; I appreciate the attention and coverage. And have no fear my fellow screen printers! I will be doing some writing for a very well-known industry magazine shortly. And I hope to expand my freelance writing in the future so stay tuned and enjoy this little tidbit of an interview article for now…

Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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2 Responses to Catspit Gets Coverage In Stitches Magazine Article

  1. Theresa Higby says:

    Congrats on the exposure. Way to go.

  2. Hey there! Thanks much! I appreciate the support. I hope to have a lot more of this type of thing happening in the future.

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