How To Set Up And Screenprint Aprons

I uploaded a new educational screen printing video to YouTube today. This was another fun one to make I must say. I don’t often print much else but tee shirts but as a garment printer you will get asked to print other wearable items or non wearable things too. It is very possible to print a wide array of flat substrates with a rotary textile press. The difference in printing a shirt and printing an apron is the set up on press. Certain items you may want to print will also require a particular screen and/or pallet set up.

The new screenprinting video is called, “How To Screen Print: Setting Up & Printing Aprons.” This is a video in which you will get to see the set up on press and the actual printing. I go from start to finish and you’ll see how I sort of wing this sort of thing by eyeballing the apron to the screen to the pallet. LOL… yea, I know. How confusing, right? Not at all. Its really rather easy to screenprint something like an apron. Just stop by the website or the YouTube channel and have a look for yourself. Please remember to rate thumbs up and leave a comment if you like what you see. Yes, and as always please subscribe. I always appreciate that very much. It’s a simple gesture but it means a lot, thanks for the support!

Anyway, I have been very busy doing a lot of training and even writing for some upcoming exciting “things.” I’ll keep you all posted on that. Please remember that you can get 5 to 15% off screen printing supplies and more on the Print Supplies page of the Catspit website. Have you seen the website lately? Maybe you should drop by and have a look at that too. The navigation has changed; more on that soon too.

Thanks for reading. Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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