How To Screenprint: Using The Spot Cleaning Gun

Here we are with another look back at the educational screen printing videos by Catspit Productions, LLC. When I first began making the videos I had a rough plan of which topics to cover first. I wanted to make videos that would clear up the mystery and intrigue of the process. But I also wanted to make simpler videos that covered each piece of equipment used in commercial screen printing. I did most of these types of videos right away but as we moved forward I noticed a few minor pieces of equipment were missing. That’s how the idea for this video came about. i wanted to fill in the blanks with as much as I could.

This was basically the first “Quick Tip” video because it was short and sweet at under 5 minutes. But the concept for the Quick Tip videos did not come about until much later. The video is called “How To Screen Print: The Spot Cleaning Gun”.  In the video I show and explain the usage of a spot cleaning gun. This “gun” is used to remove cured plastisol inks from fabrics. But it is not designed to remove large areas of printed ink from the shirt. Just pinholes, spots and finger prints. Small unwanted plastisol marks like those are easily removed with the spot cleaning gun and its special fluid.

I remember at the time I had not seen a YouTube video about the spot cleaning gun for screenprinting so I thought a quick video about the unit would be a really great idea. It’s funny because when I first leaned about the spot cleaning gun we called it a spiff gun. I think that was because the company that made the spot cleaning solution called it Spiff. Something like that anyway and there you have the reason why I call those things spiff guns. Yes, I’m wicked old school. I’ve been printing tee shirts for most of my natural born life.

Still to this day I have not seen a YouTube video about this particular piece of equipment. In fact if you look at most of the screen printing videos on YouTube you will find they are mostly just that. Videos of people printing but not explaining what they are doing. And of course a good lump of them are sales commercials or marketing videos. And yes, my videos do have a marketing and sales value but they will teach you something about screenprinting for sure. I promise that. My first goal is to teach you how to screen print tee shirts. Then if you want me to help you out with anything else, I’m happy to do so.

Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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