New Screen Printing Video: How To Screen Print With Puff Ink

I was able to make a brand new screen printing video today after having tried once to do the same video. The second try came out really well. I think what happened is that between the change in time limits form YouTube to 15 minutes per video and the feeling of comfort in the new shop i felt too relaxed. I made 20 minutes of bad video because I was off my usual video making mark. Then on top of that when I tried to edit the first cut Sony Vegas gave me some trouble. But during that ordeal was when I realized I had to reshoot the video entirely.

So now you can enjoy take 2 of the new screenprinting video called, “How To Screen Print T Shirts With Puff Ink”.  This video is about using plastisol puff base and mixing it with a plastisol color to make a color puff ink. The puff ink and colored ink was provided by Antex. They sent us some sample of ink to play with and test out. Antex may be available in the States but I believe they are still looking to make the ink widely available in the US. In the video I show how to mix a “clear” plastisol puff base with a standard plastisol red ink to make a red puff. I also show the printing of a small pair of lips. It’s a great video demonstration about the puff ink base process and can get you familiar with other bases that work the same way.

I had a lot of fun making this video with the new set up and I am looking forward to making many more educational screen printing videos. I think now that the shop is completely my own with less distractions and interferences I can make better videos. Please remember to support Catspit Productions by visiting the website and checking out the Print Supplies page too. I appreciate all your continued support and patronage.

Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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