Screen Printing: What To Expect From Your Stencil

If you are looking for technical tips and instructions about commercial stencil types, the technology of stencils and their limitations then you should have a look at this great article by Ross Balfour of SaatiPrint. This is an older article but it has a lot of information packed into it from one of the leading screenprinting chemical and mesh manufactures in the industry. This article is very technical but it also has a decent amount of information that is easily read and understood by anyone with good reading comprehension.

SaatiPrintCheck out this excerpt from the article: “The purpose of this presentation is to give an outline of commercially available stencil systems and the properties they possess. In doing so, we will touch upon the various technology employed, the effect of processing variables, and finally examine the effect of some of the factors that limit what is achievable. Commercially available photostencils fall into four main categories. The first is known as Indirect Film, where the stencil imaging and developing process is carried out independently of the screenmesh. The finished stencil is applied to the mesh with gentle pressure, blotted with newsprint, and dried prior to removal of the backing film.”

The article is called, “What To Expect From Your Stencil”. The article is located HERE.

This is the fourth of five articles provided by SaatiPrint for the Catspit website. These articles appear on the Article Archive section of the Catspit website. These articles appear on the Catspit website courtesy of Saati and have been published previously. © SaatiPrint. Please make sure to visit the Print Supplies page to view the products offered by Saatchem.

I hope you all enjoy this new addition to the Catspit website. I hope to continue to work with Saati in the future to bring you more educational materials about screen printing tee shirts and other products. Please stay up to date with article releases and more by subscribing to the RSS feed of this blog.

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