Houston, The Screenprinting Eagle Has Landed!

The day has finally come. The new screen printing equipment from RANAR has arrived. It came in late yesterday and I immediately began to unpack and sort the boxes and parts. There were 3 pallets containing all of the parts for the press, dryer, flash cure, exposure unit, washout booth and screen rack. At fist I felt overwhelmed with all the work ahead of me to put everything together. But as I began to sort things out and assemble the dryer, I found that it was not that bad at all.

The press comes almost completely assembled. I have to attach the pallets and pallet arms but other than that, it is ready to go off the truck. Very nice. I like that the print heads and both pallet and head carousels are assembled to specs at RANAR. Although this unit is upgradable which would make it easy to assemble or upgrade I believe. It was supposed to come in as a 6/1 with the 6 station upgrade so that I could do a video about the upgrade. However, it came in as a 6/6 all ready for the pallets. I will still do a video about the Vista Series press and it’s awesome ability to be upgraded.

The belt dryer was very easy to assemble but you would be well advised to have someone there to help you lift the oven onto the deck. I did this alone using my brains to figure a way to get it up there by myself. Fortunately, I was able to figure this out and get the oven onto the deck without a hitch. The instructions for the assembly of the oven were a bit vague and I was lucky that I had worked with this dryer before. It’s easy to figure out but if you don’t pay attention you could assemble the deck plate and the oven top in the wrong position. If you take it slow and look before you start bolting, you will be just fine. But all in all it was a piece of cake.

The exposure unit is completely assembled in the box. It seems all I have to do is attach the legs. That’s great news. The washout booth is a different story. That will require the most assembly. But I think that is typical of this type of thing. It has to be broken down for shipping purposes otherwise it would be too big. But again I think this will be pretty simple. The basin is one part and the legs and booth panels are attached to the basin. That is the same for most washout booths that can ship by UPS or even freight. Now the screen rack was surprisingly heavy. I have not opened this box totally yet but I think it is heavy because RANAR makes a great screen rack. It is adjustable to fit 20×24 manual screens or 23×31 automatic frames. That is very cool because the racks that claim to fit both without adjusting really do not fit the 23×31 screens so well. But the RANAR rack will fit them both like a glove.

So let’s give a shout out to Francisco and David from RANAR. They were extremely helpful in putting this deal together and their customer service is excellent. Remember, if you are looking into buying manual screen printing equipment, please check out RANAR and give me a call. I am a dealer for the entire line of  RANAR products. And just think how unique of a salesman I am. Not only do I sell the product but I buy it and use it myself. That’s how much I believe in the RANAR products I sell. And to me the most important tactic in my sales strategy is to teach you about what you are getting into, then I will help you buy equipment. That may not be the best thing for selling high volume but in the end I can sleep very well at night. I am not here to take advantage of anyone. I am here to help.

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