New Screenprinting Video: 3 Colors On A White Under Base

Finally another release of a new screen printing video from Catspit Productions. This is the last video that was made in the old Catspit cooperative printing shop. I made this video some time ago when it was much cooler than it is now. And as we move forward into the warmer months of summer I am getting ready to build a new shop. This shop will be much different than the old one. I will have total control this time around and even though the space will be smaller, it will be set up much better. I am very excited to be working with RANAR to equip the shop with new screenprinting equipment. I really have grown to love the RANAR product because it is so well made, affordable and versatile.

So this is the last video where we will be printing on the 6 color, 1 station press. The new video is called, “How To Screen Print: 3 Colors On A White Under Base”. In this educational video I demonstrate a 3 color print on a black tee with a white under base. In it you get to see the white under base printed with the colors on top. You also get to see the film positives, screens and the original shirt the art was created from. This video is a great example of why you would want a 6/6 fully rotary press rather than a 1 station for production of high volume or multi colored prints. In an upcoming video I will show the upgrade of the 6 color, 1 station press to a 6/6. That’s what’s so cool about the RANAR Vista Series. You can buy it as a 4 or 6 color and 1 station. Then when you want, you can get the upgrade it to make the press a 6/4 or a 6/6. Very cool!

So make sure to stop by the YouTube channel and have a look at the latest tutorial video about screen printing. I think this one will be a lot of fun for everyone to watch because it further helps explain how the printing process works. Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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