How To Screenprint: Prepping And Coating Screens

And here we are taking a look back at another old screen printing educational video by Catspit Productions. This is a favorite of mine because during the time that I made this video I was really still winging every aspect of the video making process form the subject to the actual demo in the video. These are the days I would be in the shop and have a moment to spare for video making. But I would do everything very spontaneously. Even the subject matter and demo in the video was based on what I was doing in the shop that day. On this day, I happened to be coating several screens for upcoming jobs and I decided to turn it into a video for YouTube.

Today I actually plan out my videos beforehand even though they are still not scripted. I like to do this because it really allows me to create a more effective educational video while packing in as much information as I can. But in the video called, “How To Screen Print: Prepping And Coating Screens”, you can totally see how improvised these videos were at the time. Here I set up a mock screen coating area in the middle of the shop in broad daylight. I had no way of including my YouTube audience in the actual screen coating set up that I used at the time due to limitations in lighting and warehouse space. I am very excited now because we are on the verge of building a completely new shop for printing and making videos but this time around I will have complete control of the environment and how or what may be done for a video.

When I watch this video I always laugh at the part where I almost drop the screen while I am coating it. Oh yea and the part where I get distracted by making the video and I don’t let the emulsion settle back into the scoop coater before pulling away from the screen. What a messy thing to do. I hate when I do that! But overall I think these minor mishaps actually add to the value of the educational video. Many people have commented how they are appreciative and impressed that I did not edit those parts out of the video. They often feel that it adds to the information being relayed in the video. It gives a sense of realness or makes you feel that your getting an inside look at the process complete with things that can go wrong.

This is one of those videos that I think I will remake when the new shop is up and running. I’d like to do this one over properly and show you more of how I actually do it in my own shop when I have several screens to coat at once. So stay tuned to the YouTube channel for more great screenprinting educational videos and expansions of existing videos.

Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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