Screen Printing Educational Video Update!

Hello everyone, I am dropping by for a quick note to let you all know what I am up to lately. First off, I have made another great revelation with Sony Vegas and from here on in my screen printing videos will be full, true HD with all the bells and whistles of that rich format. I finally figured out that Vegas has glitch with my computer. I am running Vista on a pretty fast laptop to process my videos with Vegas while I work on questions and comments on my desktop. Maybe it’s Vista but there seems to be a problem when I run Vegas for a long time and do editing. If I render the video without restarting Vegas first, it renders rubbish. So now all I have to do is save my Vegas project, restart Vegas and then render the final product. Oh boy… what a pain it was for me to realize this.

Sony Handycam XR350v

The next and most important revelation with my computer and Vegas was that I thought maybe this is why I had trouble with the HD video file created by the Sony camera. I think what happened was I tried to render a camera HD file which is like an M2TS file which also has 2 other accompanying files. I have no idea what those files do but when I was doing this I must have had Vegas open for some time doing editing and playing around. Thus when I went to render, it did not work. Which then threw me off because it made me think I had to convert the HD camera files to Windows format. But now I have discovered that Vegas does indeed read the Sony HD camera files and can work with them perfectly producing a true HD video that not only has the file characteristics but the video quality to back it up.

So now that I have that all worked out to the point that I can really edit and render a high quality HD video, I will be able to produce much better HD videos for YouTube. Now it is obvious to me that I need to work on lighting. That is difficult when I change the area in which I make videos so often. Therefore I will need to introduce some type of portable lighting. Get ready for the next video which will be an SGIA show video from Saati. This is a great demonstration of the direct to screen system complete with a screen being made. And yes, it is in full HD format made form the original camera files! Yes!!

Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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