New Screen Printing Video: Film Positive Tips

I finally uploaded another new screen printing video to YouTube today. This is the first video with the new intro music that I created myself with an electric guitar. Forgive me because I was just a simple rhythm player and the tune is very simple. It’s like a heavy metal rhythm Catspit style. It sounds hard and crunchy with the raw feed back and distortion coming through the background to be noticed. And this is actually the first HD video that I made with the new camera.

The video is called, “How To Screen Print: Film Positive Tips”. In this video we discuss the better uses of the different emulsions in relation to film positive quality. You can learn which emulsion to use if your film positives aren’t the greatest and which to use when they are. I am noticing that the finished HD videos are a little soft in focus compared to the original HD file. I believe this is due to the poor quality lighting in this particular video but I also think it is form the editing method I am currently using.

Therefore I will be continuing to try to figure out a way to just use Sony Vegas to make the videos. I am learning more about how to do it and I have made some progress since the last blog where I talked about this. But I still seem to have a problem when rendering the final cut. I have to check on this but I thought it was making a black video with sound when I added any effect at all. I have to try a new experiment but in the end I am worried about increasing the amount of time it takes to make a video by using Vegas.

Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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4 Responses to New Screen Printing Video: Film Positive Tips

  1. very informative…keep up the great work guys

    • Thanks a lot. I appreciate your checking out my blog and such. You guys seem to have a really nice and big shop. Maybe you guys should write a guest blog post for us and share some of your insight into the business. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Great stuff. We run a small operation out in Grand Rapids, Michigan and we like making videos and posting on what we can too. Maybe we can swap some info on our blogs sometime? Keep up the good work!

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