How To Make Artwork For Screenprinting T-Shirts

As you may have guessed I get a lot of questions relating to artwork for screen printing tee shirts. I am not a graphic artist by any means but I know what I need in artwork to get my jobs printed easily and practically for my particular printing situation. Getting artwork to film can be a challenge for even me at times so when you are just starting out, it can be even more difficult. That’s why I suggest having a basic knowledge of the artwork needed for screen printing tee shirts before you attempt to create art for printing.

In order to help people get an understanding of the basic principle of screen printing art and the separate pieces of art we use to create the final printed image, I made the first screenprinting video about art some time ago. I think this is really like the 3rd video I made with myself instructing. In the video called, “How To Screen Print: Artwork” I give the simplest description of the pieces of art needed to print a 3 color design. When I made this video I intended to come back to this subject much sooner. To this day, I have not really made a new artwork video. However, this is nothing to worry about. I still have a lot of subject matter I have not covered at all or need to explain in much more detail. I do plan on making another video about artwork and in the long run I’m sure we will make more than one.

So take a look at the one and only screen printing artwork video by the Catspit YouTube channel. You can see how far we have come in video making and production value. And you can see what it was like when the whole Catspit project first started out. Make sure to stay tuned for more educational screenprinting videos from Catspit Productions, LLC. Eventually, I hope to get to as many topics as I can in the videos. I’ll keep making them as long as you all keep watching!! Thanks for reading!

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