New Screen Printing Video: Direct To Garment Shirt Printer

So I had some trouble uploading to YouTube yesterday and after about 7 attempts the video finally went live last night. This was the first time I have ever had any problems trying to upload a video to YouTube. I have no idea what the problem was but all is well. The new video is another ISS show video. I have a couple left that I decided were good enough to post. I think I have 2 more and then after the New Year I will upload a few SGIA show videos from Las Vegas. All of the new videos for the new year will be in a new, higher quality format.

This new video is called, “How To Screenprint: Direct To Garment Tee Shirt Printer”. This is another video featuring a giant Kornit direct to garment tee shirt printer. Now these units are huge and not intended for the average screen printer. You need some serious production demands to warrant this type of equipment. But there are many online services offering singular custom tee shirt printing for very affordable pricing. Most all of those types of companies use the DTG or direct to garment printers. The big difference is that they use the industrial units rather than the low end table top units which you may see at your local mall kiosk. I truly believe the printing quality from the larger industrial units is far better than that of the smaller table top units. You will get to see a close up of the printing from the DTG machine featured in this video.

M&R I-Dot

M&R I-Dot

I think the one and only “low end machine” that produces very high quality printing consistently without problems is the M&R iDOT. But again, you really need the demand for this type of product to justify the expense. These machines are great for high traffic tourist attractions or retail spaces. Tourist traps are the most likely prime candidates in my opinion. But there are many screen printers who add direct to garment printing to their services and do quite well with them. In the end it will depend on your demand for that type of instant custom product.

Thanks for reading! Learn how to screen print with Catspit Productions, LLC!

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